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Assure top performance by keeping individuals on your team in optimal health, vitality, and spirit. 

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Affordable Care Act financial incentives

Corporations implementing wellness programs may be illegible to receive benefits such as tax credits and/or grants for offering health coaching.  A recent study showed that companies with wellness programs saved nearly $4,000 per employee in paid health claims.  Click on the underlined title and hyperlinks to learn more.


*Decrease Health Costs
​*Improve Bottom Line
*Reduce Absenteeism
*Increased Productivity
*Increased Employee Morale
*Increased Job Satisfaction
*Increased Physical Activity
*Reduced Stress & Anxiety
​*Increased Energy & Vitality
*Enhanced Ability to Recruit Top Talent
*Improved Overall Health & Wellbeing
*Improved Nutrition & Healthier Eating Habits
*Quicker Return From Disability Leave
​*Prevent and Reduce On the Job Injuries
*Improved Retention of High Achieving Employees



Why is corporate wellness so vital?

Wellness programs are highly efficient in lowering health insurance premiums that have spiked due to claims paid on preventable illness such as diabetes and obesity. Getting employees to take an active part in their health while at work not only enhances their work/life balance but also makes health and fitness an essential aspect of their day to day lives.  For more information, please click on the hyperlink title above featuring an article from Forbes magazine.

Industry Leading Experts Specializing In Evidence-Based Natural Medicine. 


We bring the ultimate health care experience and expertise to your location and provide top quality health services from prevention to health management and health maintenance.  By improving individual's health, we maximize company wealth!

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*Onsite Treatments

*Stress Management

*Nutrition Consultations

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*Acupuncture, Detox

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​*Optimal Success

 Our goal is to help your business to    succeed by keeping employees happy,  healthy, and productive.

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