Almost 7 years—That’s how long I had constant, daily foot pain. After consulting 4 podiatrists (in three states) and one orthopedic surgeon, and having spent literally thousands of dollars on orthotics that didn’t help, I’m thrilled to have complete relief after only 3 of your acupuncture sessions. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. 

-Laurie M

Favorably impressed! Good results. Tried acupuncture for the first time. Arthritic
and low back pain are much, much better. Tinnitus in ears from flying and being around yet airplanes all my life has improved. Also, a very nice and welcome side effect…my sleep has improved both time and quality.
–Gene P

I have had headaches everyday for several years. My first treatment several days ago has left me with NOT ONE headache since. My knees and joints have felt much, much better. This has meant a great deal to me and I am and will be forever grateful. 

My treatments with acupuncture were really helpful for carpal tunnel and arthritis. I certainly recommend it for joint pain and restoration of better mobility. 
-Mary F

My right hand was injured several years ago. I had been to doctors, chiropractors, and therapy but the hand would still go to sleep—no one could find the cause. After the first treatment and each day since, I have had no numbness or “sleepy” hand-Thank you so very much! 
-Fay B

It feels like an all over internal massage. 

I had such congested sinuses that I could not breathe, taste, smell, or sleep. After one treatment it all cleared up and I was fine. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone. 
-Debbie M

 I came in with shoulder pain that has lasted for 5 months. The therapy has almost completely relieved the problem over 3 treatments. I am greatly pleased with the results. 

I suffered from much pain for quite a long time (due to a car accident in 1995-I was rear-ended). I went to a chiropractor, stopped, went again off and on. Then I went to a physical therapist-I got a little relief and then a lot of relief with traction. The pain returned. An MRI showed arthritis and bone spurs. The one acupuncture treatment I received has completely taken the pain away. I have flexibility as well.  Thank you with all my heart. 
-Vicky B

I can’t believe the improvement in my heel. As a real skeptic of “alternative” medicine, I thought this would be a fiasco, but in one treatment I’m about 50% better. The pain incidents have subsided drastically. 
-Rita E

When I first came in for acupuncture, my sciatica was so bad I could not even sit or go to the bathroom. After a series of treatments I feel 85% better. I dreaded the thought of an upcoming 9 hours flight. Now I know I will be fine. Thank you so much, I feel like you saved my life. 
-Leslie L

I’ve been an airline pilot for 10 years. I’ve had ringing in my ears all this time. After one session, the ringing is significantly less. Thank you for turning me on to acupuncture. 
-Paul H

My knees were causing me severe pain. I had even had surgery in one knee with little relief. After the first treatment I felt substantial improvement in both knees. After three treatments I am almost pain-free. 
-Frances V

My wife thanks you and so do I since having  your treatment or snoring and shoulder pain I am sleeping better and my wife is  enjoying the quiet. Thank you. 
-Arnold B 

I believe! I have had 2 treatments-My sleeping has improved-my indigestion is gone-my lower back pain is definitely better-Thanks for making a big difference in my life. 
-Sue L 

PS My husband’s rotator cuff problem is at least 50% better-WOW!

I was a first timer user of this treatment. I had tennis elbow with severe pain. 1 treatment and after 2 days the pain is 90% gone. 
-James A

In three treatments: 
My low back pain is 75% better 
My hand pain is 90% better 
My neck pain is 80% better. 
Even my sciatica improved. I am one happy customer. 
-Tom B

I have been diagnosed with IBS and take Zantac everyday for my digestive system and also have the need for laxatives for constipation. After the first treatment there were considerable improvements. She also helped me with migraine headaches. After the 4 treatments I didn’t need one Zantac or Fioricet. 
-Carolyn M

After my visit, I did not have any night-sweats and only one little hot flash. My appetite has also decreased. I was very skeptical about all of it--But Not Now! Thank you so much!! 
-Margaret L

 Before I stared treatment I had leg cramps and feet tingling. The tingling in my feet is gone and I have less cramps. I also sleep better. I believe acupuncture helps to improve my health problems. 
-Fran P

My daughter is 2.5 years old.  She was 9 lbs 6 oz when she was born.  I am a petite lady and as you can imagine I had a HUGE belly.  People thought I was having twins!  Needless to say the aftermath was unsightly.  I did several of the mesotherapy treatments on my abdomen and my belly texture went from looking like a raisin to looking like a grape. The stretch marks are at least 85% better.  I am very pleased with the results.  I never imagined such a reversal was possible but I saw it with my own eyes! 

I went for a face lift and got a lot more than that!!!! Hi, my name is Valerie and I live in South Beach. I got a 3 visits for the face lift treatment and I got several compliments from my friends that my face "looked so much better."  But also, I had recently stopped smoking and my mood was very irritated and was having insomnia. Dr. Gamliel also touched some points and that made me a lot more calm in a daily basis as well as it helped me to sleep better. I'm very happy with all the results, therefore I give 5
stars!!!!! Thank you Dr. G.      
-Valerie N

Skeptical at first, I came to acupuncture to relieve pain in my foot after several stress-fractures. I found the three procedures enormously successful, relaxing, and pain-free. I even fall asleep and don’t want to leave. Thanks! 
-Barbara P



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