comprehensive wellness program

Through proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations such as stress reduction techniques, we help to prevent illness and optimize wellness and wellbeing for the entire company.  


Many PPOs with Out of Network Benefits may cover our services.

Otherwise group discounts and plans are available. 

 Onsite Treatments

Group Acupuncture sessions, nutrition and alternative medicine consultations, smoking cessation,  homeopathic immune boosting shots, vitamin B12 injections for increased energy and weight loss, stress management, group guided-meditation,  home test kits, blood tests.

 Stress Management

Onsite Acupuncture, nutrition consult, supplement recommendations, guided-meditation (onsite with home program available). 

Option 2 

Part-time onsite open office hours with optional one-on-one consulting and treatments.




 Nutrition consultations

Detoxification, oral heavy metal chelation therapyblood pressure management, cholesterol management, blood sugar regulation, arthritis diet, health promoting diets for various health conditions, weight loss programs, and much more.

 supplement prescriptions

Custom vitamin, mineral, herbal medicine and homeopathic medicine recommendations that are natural, safe, and effective.  All prescriptions are evidence-based and scientifically researched.

Health Education  

We are bringing state of the art evidence-based holistic health education to schools, universities, corporations, organizations, and private homes. Our inspirational health talks are customized to suit the needs of your group, whether large or small we cater to audiences of all ages.  A broad range of health topics is available such as nutrition, alternative medicine, arthritis, diabetes, weight loss, exercise, maternity, women’s health, menopause, men’s health, and much more! Lectures are available as power point presentations with handouts. We are in the process of making continuing education course credits available for our courses as well.

 HEALTH Screening

Our onsite specialist will utilize a health assessment questionnaire and monitor vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and weight as well as measure and monitor body mass index and percent body fat. We also have blood, urine, saliva, and stool testing available and recommend various testing according to the individual's needs.  We work with a compounding pharmacy to create personal health plans based on lab results

       Corporate Pricing

              Varies according to insurance coverage and range of services desired.

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Option 1

Weekly acupuncture sessions and health lectures by request.

Option 3

Full-time onsite private contract with open office hours and optional one-on-one consulting and treatments.


Group auricular (ear) acupuncture to address any health concern from body aches and pains to depression, insomnia, digestive disorders and beyond.  The 30 minute session is geared to decrease stress and improve health and vitality making employees more vibrant and productive.

Corporate wellness programs

health coaching

By removing the obstacles to optimal health, finding the cause of suboptimal health, and naturally balancing the body, our health coach can assist your team members to function at their highest capacity.

     FREE CONSULTATION Contact us today to create a customized corporate health program that addresses the specific needs of               the individuals in your company.  The complete program may be FREE of charge depending on your health insurance plan!





Optimal Success Our goal is to improve employee satisfaction.  When people feel cared for they are more likely to be happy, loyal, and productive.  It is a win-win proposition for all parties involved!