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MiBaSo Consulting is a grass-roots corporate wellness start-up company founded by Naturopathic Doctor (in WA State) and Acupuncture Physician, Ahuva Gamliel

MiBaSo is an acronym that stands for Mind, Body, And Soul.  We believe that nurturing total health and wellbeing (mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual) leads to vibrant individual health and maximal company wealth.  

When people are happy and healthy they come to work on time, have stronger immune systems, are less sick, and are more effective, efficient, and productive.  People who enjoy optimal health and vitality are flowing with good energy, and good energy manifests as a good attitude.  

Optimal vital energy flow is a fertile breeding ground for revolutionary ideas.  Creating and sustaining an environment where individuals and companies flourish and thrive is our mission and goal.  

We strive to transform your business from ordinary to extraordinary by taking the best care of the people in it.



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